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What Is DANK?

The German American National Congress, commonly referred to as DANK, actively works to preserve German culture, heritage and language in the United States. It is our aim to inspire people with Germanic heritage and those interested in German cultures and language to recognize and celebrate the culture in a number of exciting ways.

Since 1959, DANK has gone from a small group of people in the city of Chicago to an ever-growing network of chapters throughout the nation. In the last 50 years our common goals have remained the same, but how we reach them is constantly evolving.

DANK publishes its national magazine, the German-American Journal, six times a year, hosts one of the fastest growing German-American sites on the web, produces engaging blog posts centered around German news, culture, and music, and holds a wide variety of activities throughout the country for all ages. We welcome everyone to join DANK and get involved!

Our Ongoing Mission

  • Foster friendship between the Unites States and Germany
  • Promote a positive image of Germans among Americans
  • Establish exchange programs and cross-cultural activities for Germans and Americans
  • Encourage and support German language & cultural studies in schools
  • Facilitate genealogy research of German ancestry
  • Conduct language schools for children as well as for adults