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Why Join DANK?

Are you looking for an exciting way to show pride in your Germanic heritage? We invite you to join DANK, where you will be able to meet up with other German Americans to share your common interests and understand your Germanic history and culture.

As a member of DANK you will gain a sense of community with others of Germanic heritage in the US and will find a variety of events where you can meet up and make new friends. You are in full control of your participation and we have no requirements that you need to meet. DANK is here to make sure you have a good time.

Benefits of Membership

German American Journal

German-American Journal Subscription

As a member, you will be mailed a free subscription to our bimonthly magazine, The German-American Journal. You'll be able to keep up on the latest news and trends in Germany and at DANK. The subscription is a $15 Value!

German Language Education Discounts

Members can take advantage of reduced fees in many of our German language classes that are offered to both children and adults.

Full Access to DANK Events

Certain events that DANK puts on our exclusive for members only. You will gain full access to these events. Many events that are open to the general public will offer discounted admission prices to members.

Member Only Lapel Pin

Along with receiving your unique membership id card, you will receive our high quality DANK lapel pin that is only available to members.

Entrance to the DANK National Convention

You will be invited to our widely attended National Conventions that occur on a bi-annual basis. The convention offers engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and banquets.

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