German American Journal Hero

About the German-American Journal

The German-American Journal is a bi-monthly magazine distributed throughout the United States and is fully published by DANK. Since releasing the first issue in 1959, the German-American Journal has been a prominent resource for DANK’s members and those wanting to stay informed with their Germanic heritage.

Early issues of the German-American Journal (originally called Der Deutsch-Amerikaner) were written primarily in German, but as the years went on and our readership expanded we switched the papers language to be primarily English. German language articles can still be found in all of our issues and are accompanied with an English translation or summary.

What's in the German-American Journal?


The latest bits of news and information on Germany and the German-American community.

Auf Deutsch

A special topical piece written all in German accompanied with a full english translation.

Associate Members

Catch up on the latest news from our many Associate Member organizations in the US.


Get an exclusive inside look at DANK National, its Chapters, and the people that make it work.


Find the latest news on the current state if German language education in the United States.

Business & Technology

Discover the breaking business and technology news coming out of Germany.

Business & Technology

Explore the latest in German film, music, and literature and immerse yourself in food and travel.