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German Culture & Heritage

Do you consider yourself German? Based off of the results of the 2000 US Census, 15.2% of all Americans claim to be of German ancestry... that’s roughly 42.8 million Americans and makes German the largest ancestry in the United States.

There is a great desire among many German-Americans to pass down the customs, traditions, and language on to their children. As Germany becomes more westernized it becomes more difficult to find the older traditions by observing modern Germany. DANK remains focused on preserving the “traditional” German customs while also introducing Americans to the modern day Germany. Members of DANK will be exposed to German singing and dancing, language, traditional german costume (Tracht), festivities, food and beverage, and much more.


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German American Day Proclamation

DANK, along with the help of the Steuben Society of America and the United German American Committee of the USA, was heavily involved in the adoption of declaring October 6 as a nationally observed German-American Day. The three organizations joined together as the German American Joint Action Committee (GAJAC) to promote the historic event. At a formal ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, President Ronald Regan issued the proclamation in 1987 with DANK being in attendance.